About Amy

Welcome! Learn who I am and what Yoga means to me…

I have used yoga for so much in my life.  It has really transformed me from a masked, scared little girl to someone who can now stand up and say loudly “I’m not perfect, I struggle with sadness, body image, depression, anger, my past, my future, but i will show up every day for it, honor it, and use it for what it is, a gift.”

Everything I am and everything I’m not needs to be equally honored and WHO KNEW it would come from a practice that totes $100 yoga pants, slim flexible models back bending in front of waterfalls in Figi?? Well, it’s not that, it can be, and if it’s what you want, i will help you to navigate whatever connects to your heart.  

But, my yoga is gritty, its life, its work that can flip you upside down and scare the crap out of you….but i worked…for me. It can also be coming to my Power class and not even moving out of savasana for the entire 60 minutes. If that’s what you need, you take it, and I am honored you feel safe enough to trust me to hold space for you while you take care of you. Bottom line, let go of your expectations of yoga.

Being brave is one of the most “Yoga” things you can do for yourself. There is growth everywhere in your life. You cant just look to the strong and easy for the growth. Yoga isnt in the shapes, it’s in who you are on the inside as you make these shapes.  Let go of the critic, the analyzer, the planner, the caregiver, the competitor, the shamer and start to find love for yourself, inside out. Connect.