Benders Club

Benders Club is a dream to bring yoga out of the studios and into real life!  I want people to do yoga and if it means taking it to the bars, then IM GAME! Supporting local business and creating connections is a great practice!

Please follow my BENDERS Club calendar and register here:

Benders Club goes into local establishments to show that yoga can go with absolutely ANYTHING!  We do Benders Yoga and then enjoy whatever the establishment has to offer, (Beer, Bloodys, Bowling, BBQ, Bath Bombs.) It is yoga stripped of chanting, fancy yoga pants, harsh expectations, expensive yoga fees and we add fun, laughter, I usually swear or my music will, health and memories.  

I just want people to do yoga so this is what has come of that dream. Benders is also committed to giving back. If you are a local Non-Profit, I would love to connect.

Want Yogi Amy and Benders to come to your business? Contact Me Today!