Friday Classes

5:30 am

Sol Yoga at Prairie Athletic Club (map)
Usually at Sol, we do Slow Flow at 85 degrees but I am always listening to my students and they have spoken!  This is the only HOT Slow Flow I teach and it’s one of the best! 60 minutes in 95 degrees before your day to connect to breath, life, balance, to set an intention for the day or weekend.  We move slowly and mindfully through challenging and releasing poses. A good place to start if you are new! The group usually request non-traditional music that is rocks!!

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8:30 am

Sol Yoga at Prairie Athletic Club (map)
Sol Barre
(check Mindbody- I teach every other class)  
Join me for 60 minutes of my fastest moving, boogie down class! I love to play loud and fun music as I dance/teach while you practice a mixture of ballet (ish), pilates and yoga!  We kick, we plank, we Plie, we laugh, MAYBE some booties will shake! But it is my hardest class by far! You will practice in 95 degrees at a ballet bar. We also do extensive core and upper body weight training!  

Sign up is required on Mindbody on the PAC Site: