Misfits, Mudras and Mayhem at JJs Boxing Gym! 12-07-19 at 4pm

Join Benders at JJs Boxing Gym In Sun Prairie for Misfits, Mudras and Mayhem!! A rage style yoga class!

Saturday 4 PM, December 7
JJ’s Boxing Gym https://www.jjboxing.com/

$20 for Tickets

$15 for Military, First Responders, Nurses, School Teachers, Police and limited income.  I am so grateful for you all. 

I will lead you through a flow yoga class designed to release stress in a new, uninhibited and somewhat entertaining way!  Everyone is welcome! Sign up is a must!!

What is Misfits, Mudras and Mayhem to Yogi Amy

As you enter a yoga studio, it is calm, serene, peaceful and soft.  What if that’s not your vibe? What if you want to release things like Post Traumatic Stress, Addiction, Anxiety,  Frustration and RAGE in a different way? What if you want to yell, cuss, breathe loudly, punch and flip out? That’s yoga too!!  It’s a release. Misfits Mudras and Mayhem will do flows based on Qigong, KickBoxing, Yoga, Self Defense, Mindfulness and using our voice, or Throat Chakra, to release pent up stress, energy and frustrations.  Exercises like this can be the release you are looking for weather it comes from screaming and moving in a powerful way or laughing hysterically! We will bend, twist, learn breathing techniques like breath of fire, and then also learn to calm down and balance these feelings and let that shit go!  Yoga, to me, has no definition. It is what makes you whole, healthy and connected to the fierce passion of life. It teaches you to live when life is hard and to breathe when panic and negativity sets in. It’s all normal, we all have it. I don’t think yoga has to be a mat practice at all. Live and breathe, hug, be adventurous, treat everyone with love, find what makes your heart sing, be you when life is good and when life has got you down, meditate, exercise …you get it!  If yelling, cussing, a beer, wine, goats, or anything cooky gets you to practice yoga then F@CK YES! Be you! Don’t let anyone else’s expectations ruin your vibe!