Wednesday Classes

5:30 am

Sol Yoga at Prairie Athletic Club (map)
Wake up early to start your day off right!  A very warm class with lots of challenges and endurance building shapes, mixed with relaxation and mindfullness.  A fast moving class rooted in strength and balance. One of my favorites to teach!

Sign up is required on Mindbody on the PAC Site:

9:45 am

Sol Yoga at Prairie Athletic Club (map)
We take Sol down to a warm temp around 85 and we learn how to move slowly and feel, experience, soak in and exist.  I recommend this class for all levels, it is not easy by any means, but it does move slow enough to be accessible to most. I love this class because my heart gets to talk.  It is a great way to connect, even if you are introverted or challenged by yoga.

Sign up is required on Mindbody on the PAC Site:

2:10 pm

Trek Bicycle Waterloo
YIN (for Trek-Waterloo Employees only)
What a great way to spend your afternoon at work!  This is structured as a 60 minute meditation with a few deep twists, folds, hip openers and heart openers.  If you have a busy or stressful life, suffer from depression, anxiety, sit at a desk all day, or practice endurance sports This. is. The. Balance. For. You. Perfect for all levels and sometimes nicknamed the “lazy yoga” but by no means, is it easy.  We work to train the breath to control the brain so you can stay balanced through all the ups and downs of life.